Schmeckfest - A Festival of Tasting

Schmeckfest - A Festival of Tasting

748 South Main
P.O. Box S
Freeman, SD 57029
(605) 925-4542

Schmeckfest is an annual Festival of Tasting held in Freeman, SD.

It features a German-Russian family style meal and an acclaimed musical community theatre production.

Traditional food and handicrafts are demonstrated and sold including:

  • Cheese Pockets
  • Poppyseed Rolls
  • Fruit Pockets
  • Peppernuts
  • Sausage Making
  • New Year's Cookies
  • Noodle Making
  • Rope Making
  • Basket Weaving
  • Spinning
  • Bierocks

Musical and historical presentations in the historic Bethel Church and Sterling Hall.
Student  Art Display in Sterling Hall.
Smeck Snack Shoppe in Sterling Hall.
Heritage Hall Museum is open free to the public during Schmeckfest.

Activities and demonstrations are open 1:00 - 7:00 pm.

Advance tickets must be purchased for the meal and theatrical production.