Literature Swap

Literature Swap

19th Annual East River Literature Swap
& Spring Tourism Kick-Off

Thursday, May 3, 2018
Corn Palace - Mitchell, SD

Registration & Check-in: 10 am
Swap: 10:30 am
Lunch begins when swapping is finished (around 12:00 noon)
Lunch is included in Literature Swap Registration Fee

Regional Tourism Member Lit Swap Registration Fees:
    (includes lunch)

  • $40.00 per person/one brochure* (Through April 26**)
  • $45.00 per person/one brochure* (at the door***)

Non-Member Lit Swap Registration Fees:
    (includes lunch)

  • $80.00 per person/one brochure* (Through April 26**)
  • $90.00 per person/one brochure* (at the door***)

*Additional brochures are charged same fee listed above

** We must receive your payment by this date to receive the listed registration fee
*** Registrations not received by April 26 must pay at the door fee
All registration fees are non-refundable

You will not be allowed to bring anyone else's brochures to swap or display on your table unless you are paying to distribute them at the swap.

10 Box Limit per Info Center for Magazines

Additional Information

  • The Lit Swap will have a new format this year. It is a chance to meet or get reacquainted with your visitor industry friends. Trade bundles of your brochures for theirs.
  • Everyone will have table space to use as their own "base camp". Be creative and decorate your table space to reflect your business image and display your brochures. Info Center staff will be judging table decor and we will award the winner.
  • You will NOT BE ALLOWED to put your bundles or boxes on the pallets until you are provided with a "ticket" to do so.
  • The Lit Swap is a great way to drop off your first bundles of brochures for the Interstate Information Centers. Bring your brochures in 2 inch thick bundles rubber banded or wrapped in bands of paper. The Info Center staff will visit with you at your table. They will tell you how many bundles they need from you, as storage space is limited at each location. Be sure to also bring plenty of extra bundles of brochures to trade with other businesses attending the swap.
  • Info Center Staff will come to your table and visit with you briefly and give you a “ticket” to take your brochures to their table to be placed on their pallet. There are 5 Info Center tables (one for each Info Center). You will end up with 5 tickets.
  • Dress casual and bring a cart, dolly or wagon to haul your brochures in. (We cannot provide assistance with loading/unloading.)
  • Bring prizes (one or dozens) to donate to the door prize give-away that promote your business (logo items, event tickets, overnight stays, etc.) Everyone who attends is eligible for door prizes.
  • IMPORTANT: You must pre-register your brochure with South Dakota Tourism at before Friday, April 13.
  • Be on time. You must be present when the swap begins to distribute your brochures to Info Centers. If you come late you will not be able to put your brochures on the pallets.
  • Plan to stay for lunch with the Interstate Info Center Travel Counselors and get to know them.

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