Membership Services

Web Page Design & Hosting
If you don't have a web site, we can help. We will design and build a web page for you and host it on our website. The page can include up to 3 photos, informational copy that will fit on one page, your logo and contact information. If you need to make changes during the year, there will be an additional charge for making those changes. 
Cost per year: $150

Tour Operator/Travel Writer Mailings - FREE
We send out a large mailing each year to Tour Operators and Travel Writers nation-wide. These packets include our regional publications as well as itineraries from regional communities. All member communities are encouraged to provide us with an itinerary of activities that will assist these tour operators and travel writers to best take advantage of what your community has to offer.
This opportunity is for communities only. Send us 450 copies of your itinerary on an 8 1/2"x11" sheet of paper (front & back) by January 15th. No folded brochures or rack cards, please.
 Cost: Free to Members

Web Vacation Packages - FREE
Put together a package that includes an overnight stay along with an attraction or event and maybe meals or additional activities. It must have one price, one contact phone number and a date range that the package is valid. Give your package a name like "Weekend Get-Away." We will place it on our website free. Be prepared to adjust the package to fit what the caller is looking for. They may want to add another person or stay an extra night. Contact us today to put your Vacation Package on our website.
 Cost: Free to Members
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